The carte




Flower of celery and scallops on his boulghour with citrus fruits 16,00€
Scrambled eggs with chanterelles 12,00€
Foie gras of duck, marmelade of pears and Sichuan pepper, gingerbread 21,00€
Tartare of avocado and large shrimps 26,00€


John Dory with orange sauce and butternut 32,00€
Plaice from Procsea meunière
Back of cod, thyme butter and trilogy of carotts
Large shrimps with pineapple and passion fruit sauce, served with creole rice 33,00€


Beef fillet (pepper or blue cheese or shallot sauce), served with potatoes and green salad 30,00€
Veal cutlet from the farm of M Verhaegen with chanterelles 30,00€
Fillet of rabbit with a mashed quetsches in brick and served with pickle de beetroot and mashed of summer squash 25,00€
Slice of  half fillet of duck with fig 22,00€



Large choice of cheese from the la Cave ô Fromages, Fromagerie Pouillot, and Gaec des Tourelles for the Chaource 10,50€



Sweet potatoes cake and rhum-grapes icecream from Florent Sourice Espace Sucréchocolat creation Lisa apprentie 10.50€
Cream of vanilla, almond biscuit and pralin 10,50€
Gourmet coffee 10,50€
Hot chocolate cake 10,50€
Pear on a cream of chestnuts, meringue and carambar biscuit (create by Christelle our chef) 10,50€
Pain perdu with yellow plumb and its crumble 10,50€