The carte




Vegetable from the garden of Chlorophylle in pastry 13,00€
Foie gras of duck with marmalade of raspberries and shallots 20,00€
Nougat of goat cheese with apricot, pistachio and hazelnuts 14,00€
Scallops in jelly with vegetable 21,00€
Éclair of prawns and cocktail sauce 22,00€


Blanquette of monkfish with coconut milk 21,00€
Fillet of turbot, butter of chestnuts and mashed chestnuts 28,00€
Fillet of cod with an orange sauce and saffron, vegetables spaghettis
Mixed of fishes with a cream of mustard 25,00€
Scallops cooked with almonds and chicory 30,00€


Beef fillet with potatoes and mushrooms 36,00€
Guinea fowl with champagne sauce 19,00€
Veal from the Farm of M VERHAEGEN milanaise 28,00€
A stewer of fillet of duck, sauce with foie gras and served with a tart of turnips 21,00€



Large choice of cheese from the la Cave ô Fromages, Fromagerie Pouillot, and Gaec des Tourelles for the Chaource 10,50€



Crème brûlée with passion fruits and white chocolate 10.50€
Lemon tart 10,50€
Gourmet coffee 10,50€
Hot chocolate cake 10,50€
Mini rhum baba with clementines create by Vivien, 2nd chef 10,50€
Tiramisu champagne