The carte



Crème brûlée with snails from l’Escargotière Champenoise 15,00€
Parmentier of herring with coulis of onion 14,00€
Foie gras of duck, marmelade of pears and Sichuan pepper, gingerbread 21,00€
Tartare of avocado and large shrimps 26,00€


John Dory with orange sauce and butternut 32,00€
Scallops with chicory and almonds
 Monkfish with fresh spinach
Large shrimps with pineapple and passion fruit sauce, served with creole rice 33,00€


Beef fillet (pepper or blue cheese or shallot sauce), served with potatoes and green salad 30,00€
Veal cutlet from the farm of M Verhaegen milanaise 28,00€
Piece of beef (300 gr) served with a green salad 32,00€
Slice of  half fillet of duck with foie gras, duxelle of mushrooms and risotto of parnsnip 26,00€



Large choice of cheese from the la Cave ô Fromages, Fromagerie Pouillot, and Gaec des Tourelles for the Chaource 10,50€



Crème brûlée with passion fruits 10.50€
Cream of vanilla, almond biscuit and pralin 10,50€
Gourmet coffee 10,50€
Hot chocolate cake 10,50€
Ravioli of pickle’s butternut, tartare of mango with mint 10,50€
Chocolate sphère, pistachio panna cotta and truffle heart

L’Auberge De Nicey
24, rue Carnot
10100 Romilly sur Seine
tel: +33 (0)3 25 24 10 07