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Since a lot of year , we share this time with a marvellous passion of gastronomy, this year our Chef Christelle and his second Vivien, we made a special menu

The taste in all sense


Duos of crousty tapas
Cream of parnship, poched egg, whipped cream with chicorée and crumble of hazelnuts served like a coffee
Shellfish in cube of jelly with a bouillon of vegetables
Veal cooked in low temperature, flower of figs stuffed with small balls stuffed with celery cooked with thyme and honey
Love apple with a barbe à papa

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Bubble Passion….


Discover Champagne from the Coteaux du Sezannais in l’Auberge de Nicey.
Tasting* and enjoy to share a moment with some passion winegrower….
A tasting Champagne in accordance with a small dish…
Come to see them from 5pm to 8pm in l’Auberge de Nicey….

* 10€ per person for a champagne tasting and small dishes
Please book to  0033325241007

You want to follow your evening in the restaurant wwith our specail offer Bubble Passion,
5€ per person to refund for a menu at 39€
10€ per person to refund for a menu at 58€
10€ per person to refund if you choose à la carte (minimum 58€)

2th & 9th of June
Champagne Copinet Marie ( Villenauxe la Grande)
Domaine Collet (Fontaine Denis)


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