The spirit of R’



Our Producer

Always to find good produce from local producer, environmentally sensitive and to the original taste, find some good address where you can buy directly to the producer…

Our yoghurt from the Gillot’s farm ( you can find them all saturday morning on the outside market in Troyes)

The honey from Les Ruchers Tricasses

Vegetables from Chlorophylle , in Romilly-sur-Seine in la Béchère  and the Potager de Bêcheret

Au Panier de Sidonie, a producer shop where you can find farmer product like beef, pig, fruit and vegetable, poultry…

Walnuts oil, walnuts, rapeseed oil from the  Ferme de M. Jean Paul VINOT in  Saint Quentin le Verger

Beers from  Moulin de Saint Martin (brown, amber and white) that you can taste in the Auberge de Nicey or in  brewery

Strawberries, green asparagus, potatoes , pumpkin…from Ferme du Perré avec David et Sophie ROY

Fishes from Procsea from the sea to the plate
and to discover some other producer who sell directly to consumer…Je consomme local dans l’Aube

L’Auberge De Nicey
24, rue Carnot
10100 Romilly sur Seine
tel: +33 (0)3 25 24 10 07