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Enjoy to find the recipes of our chef Christelle and his second Vivien and our apprentices !


Easy recipes to do it, Laurence try them for you because she’s not a well cooked only for eggs for the breakfast ! She’s understand all so you can manage 🙂

SOS Nicey, call us if you have an understanding 00.33325241007 or send us an email to

Every month a recipes, make a picture and send it to us!

See you soon



A local recipe….who smell the Chaource, our local cheese
La Ficelle champenoise


Easy to prepare, enjoy to eat with mesclun or a salad from Chlorophyle or from Potager de Bécheret…a nice maincourse to share with friends !




One time per month, a recipe will be presenteed by the team of the kitchen. We start with Vivien, our second, for Bavarois with smoked salmon in pdf.



Christmas Champagne

Champagne for Christmas time, enjoy to share a great moment with your guest
with our recipe
“Passion of Bubbles” !

For Christmas time, impress your guest  with our recipe “Passion of Bubbles “, a small starter, create by Christelle, our chef and Vivien his second, associate to a local winegrower Champagne…
6 recipe to make this moment for Christmas Time : Magic Champagne !


Rillette of cod, zest of green lemon and lemon pepper beads
Pairing with
Champagne Michel Marcoult Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Francis

For our last recipe, it’s the Champagne Michel Marcoult for a marvellous Champagne Christmas time. This rillette of cod can be a good starter, fresh and easy to make.
Based in Barbonne Fayel since 3 générations, Julien Marcoult will enjoyed to show you their champagne and explain their philosophy. Come to meet them the 22nd of december during their “Portes Ouvertes”.






Champagne De La Roye ESAT de Sézanne

Champagne De La Roye rosé

Poched fig in rosé champagne, petales of roses and Sichuan pepper

Enjoy to prepare this easily recipe to impress your guests ! The Champagne De La Roye is created by the ESAT of Sézanne, an institut for disabled people. All year the are working in the vineyard to make their best to look after the vineyards for making champagne. The elaboration of Champagne are making by Nicolas Feuillatte




Champagne Delong Marlène

Esprit Nature Pinot Noir

pairing with

Tartar of scallops with mango

Esprit Nature, it’s a marvellous representation of Champagne Marlène Delong in Allemant…When you tasting their champagne, you can discover their local grappes !
A recipe simple, but so pairing with this champagne 100% Pinot noir with marinated scallops…Try and taste ! Tell us what do you think !

Enjoy with this new recipe PASSION DE BULLES RECETTE 2019 NOEL DELONG GB




Champagne  Bertrand Doyard

Champagne Cuvée Vieilles Vignes de Bertrand Doyard
Tartar of jerusalem artichoke on gingerbread

3 generation of winegrower and always the same passion on their terroir. This Champagne Cuvée Vieilles Vignes are only a pinot noir and old grappes, 60 yeard old. The taste of the champagne associate to the artichoke is very good…Try it ! Don’t hesitate to meet them when you are coming in Champagne in l’Auberge de Nicey, they are near by our home.





Le Domaine Collet à Fontaine Denis


Domaine Collet Empreinte de Terroir Blanc de Blancs
pairing with
Tart with 2 salmon, granny Smith apple, whipped cream with drill and green lemon
the recipe

Enjoy to meet  Florent, Vincent and Thomas the 14th and 15th of December for the Portes Ouvertes, 2 days to discover their Champagne and taste them…
.It’s nice for a Champagne Christmas. All year, we organize some visit or they are enjoyed to make tasting in l’Auberge de Nicey




We will star the serie with Champagne Marie Copinet  et son Champagne La Cocarde
pairing with

Tartare of veal, revisited Thai

From Christelle LEROY, chef of L’Auberge de Nicey


Champagne Marie Copinet au milieu de leur vignoble à Villenauxe la Grande


Enjoy to discover the couple…He is a magician with grappes and find so much ideas to taste Champagne to another way…and they are create a marvellous Coteaux Champenois.  Enjoy to visit them, we will organize in April our cycling with the electric bike of Vélo&Oxygen tour with “Balade in Champagne near the river Seine” in their vigneyards….



Enjoy your meal and have a great moment with our local winegrower with  Coteaux du Sézannais and Secraie






Express menu



Fillet of guinea fowl ratafia sauce and potatoes


Marc de Champagne icecream



Gastronomic menu

Foie gras with marmelade of pears and gingerbread

Scallops with almonds

Fillet of guinea fowl with champagne sauce


Bavarois of Champagne







( starter – main course – cheese or dessert)


( starter – main course – cheese and dessert)

(except when brunch)


Pyramide of saumon, twice sauce and chips of parmesan

Poached egg from the farm of M Grandjean on the consommé of lentils from the farm Demeter 
and slice of lomo stuffed with sheep cheese

Ravioles of snails from l’Escargotière Champenoise with a cream of Chaource


Fillet of pork with a cream of Chaource, mashed potatoes

Darne de cabillaud Skrei, sauce échalotes et pommes vapeur

Fillet of duck with honey, apple poched with Sichuan pepper










Our Producer

Always to find good produce from local producer, environmentally sensitive and to the original taste, find some good address where you can buy directly to the producer…

Our yoghurt from the Gillot’s farm ( you can find them all saturday morning on the outside market in Troyes)

The honey from Les Ruchers Tricasses

Vegetables from Chlorophylle , in Romilly-sur-Seine in la Béchère  and the Potager de Bêcheret

Au Panier de Sidonie, a producer shop where you can find farmer product like beef, pig, fruit and vegetable, poultry…

Walnuts oil, walnuts, rapeseed oil from the  Ferme de M. Jean Paul VINOT in  Saint Quentin le Verger

Beers from  Moulin de Saint Martin (brown, amber and white) that you can taste in the Auberge de Nicey or in  brewery

Strawberries, green asparagus, potatoes , pumpkin…from Ferme du Perré avec David et Sophie ROY

Fishes from Procsea from the sea to the plate
and to discover some other producer who sell directly to consumer…Je consomme local dans l’Aube

Day main course (14€)
to eat a good french cuisine in short time !
Ask us !


Chef’s Inspiration

(except for Saturdays,Sundays and bank holidays and the 02/14)

Starter of the day

Dish of the day

Cheese : Brie and Chaource (extra 4,50€)

Dessert of the day

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Crème brûlée with snails from l’Escargotière Champenoise 15,00€
Parmentier of herring with coulis of onion 14,00€
Foie gras of duck, marmelade of pears and Sichuan pepper, gingerbread 21,00€
Tartare of avocado and large shrimps 26,00€


John Dory with orange sauce and butternut 32,00€
Scallops with chicory and almonds
 Monkfish with fresh spinach
Large shrimps with pineapple and passion fruit sauce, served with creole rice 33,00€


Beef fillet (pepper or blue cheese or shallot sauce), served with potatoes and green salad 30,00€
Veal cutlet from the farm of M Verhaegen milanaise 28,00€
Piece of beef (300 gr) served with a green salad 32,00€
Slice of  half fillet of duck with foie gras, duxelle of mushrooms and risotto of parnsnip 26,00€



Large choice of cheese from the la Cave ô Fromages, Fromagerie Pouillot, and Gaec des Tourelles for the Chaource 10,50€



Crème brûlée with passion fruits 10.50€
Cream of vanilla, almond biscuit and pralin 10,50€
Gourmet coffee 10,50€
Hot chocolate cake 10,50€
Ravioli of pickle’s butternut, tartare of mango with mint 10,50€
Chocolate sphère, pistachio panna cotta and truffle heart

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It’s a meeting between a producer and a chef, the link between the both :


The producer will look after on his produce to give taste, texture and authenticity.
The chef will sublimate the produce to delight the eyes and your taste.
Without the knowledge of this women and men, cooking hasn’t got senses!

Have an enjoy meal !

Service shedule (order time) from 12am to 1.30pm and to 7.30pm to 9pm
No smoking in the restaurant.
Restaurant with disabled access.
No air conditionning.


Opening and Closing date. This date can be change, please call us and go before to come watch this planning. It’s




11th of April 2020

Saturday, I have BLABLASPORT-BRUNCH in Nicey


In Avril, 2 brunch in the Nicey ….
The 04/11 a Blablasport-brunch and the 04/25 for a Yoga-Brunch to start a new life with the spring !

A sportif and friendly Saturday with Jeremie Vandevelde of  Winphys “Performez votre physique & améliorez votre santé” for a BLABLAsport – Aube. Enjoy to participate to the sport and enjoy for nice  brunch to start the week end !

Sport from 11am to 12.15pm1 : free
Brunch from 10am to 1.30pm : 23€ and for the 10 first inscription to blablasport a discount of 3€ on the brunch 🙂


for Blablasports with Jérémie au
for brunch with Laurence au



14 th of March 2020

Saturday, I have SHOPPING-BRUNCH-SHOPPING in Nicey

Take opportunities of Sell Off off of Chaussettes Olympia et Bleuforêt, and the opening of the outlet store Le coq sportif
and the shops of   l’association Corail Les Vitrines de Romilly
for a Shopping Day !


Spent 30€ of purchase minimum on one of its shops the 14th of March, give it to us your receipt for a discount of 3€ on your brunch.

Price of Brunch : 23€ per person
from 10am to 1.30pm

Please book to Laurence 00.33.325.24.10.07




29th Feb. 2020

Saturday, I have YOGA-BRUNCH in Nicey !

One saturday per month, it will be BRUNCH associated to an activity YOGA avec Saskia, BLABLASPORT with Winphys Jérémie Van de Velde

First, it will be  YOGA-BRUNCH with your yoga instructor Saskia for an introduction for yoga for them who wants to discover HATHA YOGA  and for this others who want to meet Saskia and the pleasure to make YOGA a Saturday morning!

9.15 to 10 am : YOGA
10 am to 1.30 pm : BRUNCH

Yoga : 15€ per person
Brunch : 23€ per person

Please book
for YOGA with Saskia  00.33.685.45.69.50 ou
for BRUNCH with Laurence 00.33.325.24.10.07  ou




Valentine’s Day in Champagne


Enjoy to come in Champagne to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love !

Menu of Valentine’s Day

per person
Only this menu served
the 13rd, 14th and the 15th of February 2020

Cigarillos of scallopes sauce el diablo
Fillet of rabit with its love apple
Saint Amour with praliné

A glass of Champagne

With  Delta Photo
enjoy to capture your marvellous moment with your love

Booking required

Take opportunity to stay at the hotel to prolong this marvellous moment !
Breakfast are free !




All against the sida with Chefs Solidaires – Sidaction
From the 25th to 30th of november

Buy a menu at 39€ and we give it back 10% to the Sidaction !



All to the R’ de Nicey
from the 12th to the 23rd of November


Buy one menu at 39€ and get one free

Please book to the 00.33.325.24.10.07
Max 6 person
Special offer not available with another offer


Passion of Bubbles

Enjoy to discover the Champagne of Coteaux du Sézannais

16th of November 2019

The Champagne De La Roye and the Champagne Doyard

The Saturday from 6pm to 9pm enjoy to meet our winegrower for a tasting and a Champagne pairing

10€* per person
a mini plate – a champagne

* Enjoyed to stay with us and have great dinner in our restaurant :
5€ per person to give it back from 39€ (except on the free menu in promotion)
10€ per person to give it back from 56€


Passion of Bubbles

Enjoy to discover the Champagne of Coteaux du Sézannais

5th of October 2019

The Champagne Marie Copinet


Le Champagne Marie Copinet


The Saturday from 6pm to 9pm

Champagne pairing  –
5€* per person
a mini plate – a champagne

* Enjoyed to stay with us and have great dinner in our restaurant :
5€ per person to give it back from 39€






Passion of Bubbles….of Champagne



Local winegrower will enjoyed to present  their Champagne in June in l’Auberge de Nicey !

Save the date to share a moment with them

During the week from 6pm to 9pm
only a tasting

Domaine Collet 06/06

Champagne Marie Copinet 06/11

The Saturday from 5.30 pm to 8pm

The 8th of June
Champagne Marie Copinet will be there

Champagne pairing  –
5€* per person
a mini plate – a champagne

* Enjoyed to stay with us and have great dinner in our restaurant :
5€ per person to give it back if you choose a menu at 53€
5€ per person to give it back if you choose in the card and the amount is more than 53€ per person







Valentine’s day in Champagne with your love !

from the 14th to 16th of Ffebruary  (booked your

Only this menu the 14th of February

A Valentine’s menu
49€ per person

Glass of Champagne

Love of tomatoes

Eclair of large shrimps

Tartelette of duck with foie gras
Sweet sushis

With Delta Photo, some surprises are waiting you for this great moment  !

Stay at the hotel ? the breakfast are free with this menu!
(available the nights of the 14th, 15th and 16th of  february in a double rooom)





A month to help for the detection of the cancer of breast….Choose this menu and we make a donation 5€ to the association.

All is Pink for October

Glass of Champagne
Gaspacco de beetroot and pink whipped cream
Mi cooked of salmon with pink berries, oil, dill and pearl of lemon ,
Tart of pink pralines and her cloud of lightness

From the 1st to the 31st of October 2018



Bubble Passion….


Discover Champagne from the Coteaux du Sezannais in l’Auberge de Nicey.
Tasting* and enjoy to share a moment with some passion winegrower….
A tasting Champagne in accordance with a small dish…
Come to see them from 5pm to 8pm in l’Auberge de Nicey….

* 10€ per person for a champagne tasting and small dishes
Please book to  0033325241007

You want to follow your evening in the restaurant wwith our specail offer Bubble Passion,
5€ per person to refund for a menu at 39€
10€ per person to refund for a menu at 58€
10€ per person to refund if you choose à la carte (minimum 58€)

2th & 9th of June
Champagne Copinet Marie ( Villenauxe la Grande)
Domaine Collet (Fontaine Denis)


The R’ de Nicey invites the 60 year’s old and more

Enjoy to have a gourmet break only for 2 or with your friends.

Menu of march
The 5th  and the 26th for dinner
The 6th and the 27th for lunch

Chicoree from the Potager de Bécheret just in pan with blue cheese and walnut

Lamp chop of ‘Agneau de l’Aube with garlic, mousseline of carrots and garlic juice

Cheese from Fromagerie Pouillot et Au Panier de Sidonie
Pyramide of Champagne with red fruits sauce

A glass of champagne
A glass of wine


Validity :
only for this date for the person who have 60 years old and more (on presentation of identity card)
Booking required
ONly this menu per month at 35€



The R’ de Nicey invites the 60 year’s old and more


Enjoy to have a gourmet break only for 2 or with your friends.

Menu of January
The 16th and the 30st for dinner
The 17th and the 31st for lunch

Crème brûlée with snails from l’Escargotière Champenoise and chaource

Slice of veal M VERHAEGEN, mousseline of chestnuts

Cheese from Fromagerie Pouillot et Au Panier de Sidonie
Tartelette with wallnuts of M VINOT and rum glaze

A glass of champagne
A glass of wine

Validity :
only for this date for the person who have 60 years old and more (on presentation of identity card)
Booking required
ONly this menu per month at 35€



  R’ de Nicey  invites the 25 and  the 35 years old


2 dinners per month the thursday to make a gourmet break with your love or with your friend.
The menu will be different each month  to enjoy you with the flavour cooking of our chef Christelle and her second Vivien.

Dinner of the  3rd and 17th of  October

Pumpkin velouté of Jardin de Chlorophylle   and its slice bread of reblochon and pancetta

Cod of Procsea orange sauce and saffron of  Safran de La Louptière and wild rice

Cheese from Fromagerie Pouillot  and Au Panier de Sidonie

Pear of  Potager de Bécheret cooked with spicies and crispy rice cake

A glass of champagne (12cl)
A glass of wine (12cl)



The + : for all who would like to have a cocooning evening in the Auberge de Nicey and its spa the S’ of Nicey, the double room is 99€ ( instead 134€), breakfast extra at 13.50€ per person

Price of the menu : 35€ per person

Validité :

  • Special offer only for the person where born from 1984/01 to  1994/12, on presentation of idendity card.
  • For the dinners of 10/03, 10/17, 12/05 and 2019/12/12

On booking : 0033 325241007 – –

L’Auberge de Nicey, située au cœur de la Champagne, vous initiera aux trésors de sa région liés à la gastronomie, à son patrimoine (culturel et architectural) et à sa nature.

Confortablement installé au salon devant une coupe de Champagne, vous goûterez aux plaisirs du Champagne et de la Champagne

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