The carte


Legs of frog with garlic 12,00€
Foie gras of duck with marmalade of raspberries and shallots 20,00€
Brioche in snails from Escargotière champenoise, with a cream of laurel 18,00€
Large shrimps with an emulsion of seafood 25,00€
Goat cheese of Chavignol with oyster mushrooms 15,00€


Blanquette of cheeks of monkfish with curry 23,00€
Fillet of seabream, hemp oil, served with tartar of Jerusalem artichoke
Fillet of turbot, lemon sauce and basil
Fillet of limande, meuniere sauce and leeks 20,00€
Scallops just roasted, with almonds and chanterelles 35,00€


Beef fillet with pepper sauce ou roquefort sauce 35,00€
Guinea fowl with champagne sauce 19,00€
Deer with chestnuts, mashed parnsnip 25,00€
Calf’s sweetbreads with dijonnaise sauce 38,00€


Large choice of cheese from the la Cave ô Fromages, Fromagerie Pouillot, fromagerie Schertenleib
and Gaec des Tourelles for the Chaource


Paris-Romilly, a new version from Vivien (2nd cook) 10.50€
Apple tart with milk jam and vanilla ice cream 10,50€
Chocolate and coffee around gourmet coffee 10,50€
Hot chocolate cake 10,50€
Crème brulée with tagada sweet strawberries 10,50€
Bavarois iced vanilla and exotic fruits 10,50€